[TUTORIAL] [NON-TECH] How to install Superalgos - step by step guide (windows)

Welcome to Superalgos Non-Tech community!
The Non-Tech community is the place to experience this fascinating open source collaborative project from an unique perspective: digital global citizen interested in decentralization and distributed collaboration wanting to make a difference empowering themselves whilst creating new collective intelligence and wellbeing.
I know, it seems a bit of a big goal, but every great discovery always began with a group of visionaries and pioneers ‘crazy enough’ to try something different, challenging and ‘out of the box’.
In order to make the first step to engage, i.e. the instalalrion of the Superalgos client a bit easier to follow, i have created this step-by-step 'how-to-install’guide.
I hope it helps many new comers to get the system running and estimulating enough to foster your engagement and collaboration!
Here the link to the guide:

Thanks, and we see each other around !
Gustavo Corradi.
Superalgos enthusiast and Non-Tech Team Leader