Social Sentiment Indicators

One of the indicators I feel SuperAlgos is currently missing is a Social Sentiment indicator. This would be taking blog, social media or other posts and reading the sentiment of them (via something such as vaderSentiment). This means analyzing each word and then taking the sentiment (i.e. good = positive value, bad = negative value) This is an indicator rather based on market is socially driven. It could be linked to the API-maps to pull the data from a variety social platforms. Happy to help with the coding side. The other half of this is a social volume indicator which indicates the amount of social media activity for a market.

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What platforms would you use for the sentiment indicator ? Reddit, Twitter, specific press releases ?
Looking at how the media is getting more and more influenced the sources needed to build such an indicator have to be very well analyzed.

I can contribute with some coding along the way, so let’s talk more about it :slight_smile:

I really like the idea of a social volume indicator as well, it’s easier to implement and we can use it to draw correlations (if any) with the price movements. If there are correlations, than we can start looking at the sentiment itself.

I think lunarcrush is a good example for this.