Questions for Developer session 2021-11-10

Coming from different area, e.g. Java

  • Any recommended resources to start learning?
    • JavaScript? ECMAScript?
    • Node.js?
    • Any areas to focus more?
      • E.g. async functions
    • Anything else? Any JS frameworks?

CI pipeline brief walkthrough

  • Where is it defined?
  • What all is it doing?
  • When is it executed?
  • Node.js version used?

Source code walkthrough

  • From entry points to event loop?
  • Architecture?
  • Web app framework?

How to start / pick up a task?

  • What issue to take?
    • Assigning?
  • Priorities?


  • Development process documentation (How to Contribute guide)?
    • Where to place it? Github pages? Forum? Something else?
  • Specific JS / ES language version to stick to?
    • Node.js 14 version supported?
    • Any coding convention recommendation or good practices?
      • What to prefer over what?
        • E.g. classes vs prototypes?
        • E.g. var vs let?
      • Formatting?


  • How to validate I haven’t broken anything?
  • Unit test?
  • System integration test?
  • Performance testing?
  • SonarQube analysis?

Staying in loop

  • Methodology?
  • Planning and prioritization?
  • Regular catch- up?

Big (e.g. architecture-wise) changes

  • Archictecture vision?
  • Architect? Who is overseeing architecture? Who to talk to about this?
    • And how? What channel?


  • E.g. testing framework - number of options out there to chose from
  • Collecting requirements and evaluating
  • Feedback from others
  • Where to place it?
    • Github pages?
    • Forum?
    • Something else?
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The yesterday getting started session Twitch

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