Noobies and Instructions

Hi, i love the look of this project. It looks the best, and certainly has the most documentation. However, i’ve been following the ‘recommended’ path in the documentation (going with docker-compose)…

[please forgive my noobness to the linux world. My setup: linux mint 20.3, python3, snap, docker, docker-compose, git]

talking about…

  1. it says check permissions by typing id…
    docker does not show on the list !! however, going to Users And Groups it IS listed.
    this is now working. maybe a reboot fixed it?
  2. running…
    docker run --rm
    gives permission errors.
    Fix is run with $sudo…, or, $sudo chmod 666 /var/run/docker.sock
  3. running…
    use ctrl+c to exit —this doesnt work!! (closing Terminal to kill process, doesnt stop containers)
    adding --init appears to fix the issue (but i dont know all the consequences!)
  4. running superalgos…
    export UID=$(id -u) gets this result bash: UID: readonly variable -is this an error? there is a mountain of confusing info online about ‘export’
    docker-compose pull && docker-compose down && docker-compose up -d is the final ‘run sunperalogos’ command? (it gives a warning!)
    second time i try i get errors about uid, & gid (still confused about this)
  5. missing summary…
    a much needed summary is missing. For example…
    right click your superalgos folder, and open in terminal
    mkdir -p My-Data-Storage My-Log-Files My-Workspaces
    export UID=$(id -u)
    export GID=$(id -g)
    docker-compose pull && docker-compose down && docker-compose up -d
    open chrome and goto http://localhost:34248
  6. another problem - doing my summary (docker-compose instructions), i keep getting a seperate bunch of folders appearing in a ‘platform’ folder as well as the 3 My- folders… (which step is wrong?)
  7. also, i noticed restarting my laptop, the container returned (up? running? loaded?) but not uid or gid - is that a problem?

I know these are real noob questions, but i want to move on to actually learning/using superalgos. please.