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Hello Guys,

I love node-based user interfaces.
Therefore I am quite happy that Superalgos exists.
I see Superalgos is all about circles and radial stuff…

Personally, I find it quite difficult to “read” stuff that is aligned in a circle or follow the general structure of the nodes. Still “Circular” node Layout is not so intuitive to me - like a tree/branch layout would be.

I have used some other programs that had a node-based interface (mostly 3D and Visual Effects software)

And they all followed the left to right principle
Left Input
Right Output
Bottom Options/settings

And they mostly showed some settings or data right on the spot without having to dive into a node

Have a look at some online-based samples/inspirations

Just checking for your opinion.

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Yes it actually looks like a good idea. Because sometimes it can be difficult to navigate in the workspace area. It is tiring not to see everything in a tidy manner.

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With a Dev Team fully dedicated to Visual-Scripting project there are a lot of improvements that could be implemented. As of today, there are a lot of ideas floating around, we need more devs to implement them.


The Node pattern that is known from Blender and other software seems more intuitive for me too. Especially the connections can be instantly seen and you find “bugs” quicker, also the right click hold-hover-let go and have a connection is great too.

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i see what you mean.
On the other hand, the circle represents decentralization very well (and the spirit of open source).
Think for example about “the round table”, where all members have the same importance.
If I think of linear structures, it would be more like a hierarchy, dont you think so?

Maybe a mix would be great so that the data just gets presented different altough it not getting modified. Then the User could choose their favorite way of editing and viewing. But I dont know how hard this would be to implement. :grin:

Maybe some interface similar to this

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