New options for user Profile creation

Hi there!

So we have a new option to create the user profile, where you can link your current mobile MetaMask or Trust Wallet wallet and link your SA user profile to that address.

Also there’s a clarification on the other currently available options, where Superalgos creates the user AND the wallet or the option where Superalgos links to current address using the private mnemoic option.

So, what do we have now? When you create the Profile Constructor you are presented with these options

For the first option you just need to provide the Github username. The rest is generated by Superalgos platform.
For the second option, you must provide the Github username and the mnemonic. Superalgos will create the user profile using the address associated to the wallet you provided the mnemonic.
The new option is the third, where you will link to your mobile wallet and create the user profile. Technically it’s the same as the second option, but without passing private keys to the system.
In this option you also must provide the Gibhub username.

Let me explain the steps. Right after you select the “Build Profile with WalletConnect” option, given you configured also the username, you are presented with a QR code.

The two tested application are Metamask and Trust Wallet. Other might work. If you test them, please provide feedback.


Before proceeding with the other step, add the Binance Smart Chain to Metamask. Superalgos token lives in Binance Smart Chain. Follow the instruction available in Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain | Binance Academy

In the mobile application, select the option to scan a QR code. In Metamask it’s here

Then point the camera to the QR code. A confirmation popup will appear. Make sure the connection is from localhost

Right after the connection is established, a new confirmation window appears. This is to confirm that you are signing a message from Superalgos with your Github username with your account. Confirm that the username is the same you configured in the Profile Constructor.

After the confirmation you should see the new profile available in the workspace. Now you just need to submit it.

Trust Wallet

For Trust Wallet there are more steps involved. First, go to Settings

and then select WalletConnect

Scan the QR code and a confirmation dialog appears.

Confirm that the connection is from localhost.
ATTENTION: If you are using Android, you must press the wallet option and select Smart Chain. If you don’t you will get an error stating “Wallet not supported”.

As you establish the connection, a popup with the message to sign appears. Confirm it’s the correct Github username. Approve and the new user profile is created in the Superalgos workspace.

And that’s it. You now have your user profile using the current wallet address you have in the mobile wallet. It’s there you will received your contribution tokens when available.

Provide any feedback! Take care!


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