[New indicator request] Fibonacci Retracement Levels

One very popular indicator is the Fibonacci Retracement tool available as standard tool on trading view. It can be used to manually draw the levels from the lowest recent point to the highest one (in an uptrend) and vice-versa in a downtrend, but there is also an indicator Auto Fib Levels which is automatically calculated and draw based on some configurable look back periods.

Investopedia definition
Investopedia trading strategies for Fibonacci Levels

In TradingView you can find it as a built in indicator Auto Fib Retracement :

Whether one knows Pine Script already or not it is very simple with many built-ins and decent documentation. It is purposefully designed for non-devs to be able to quickly pick up and use. So that said it is a great learning experience, for anyone interested to know Javascript and/or the SA Data-Mine framework, to attempt to port indicators from Pine Script to Javascript.
Here are the Pine Script docs you should bookmark:

As to the indicator requests themselves, I wouldn’t mind porting one or both of these if they are still requested when I have a bit of free time as I am good with Pine already. But hopefully someone interested in the SA Data-Mine framework will get value out of doing it before I have time. It really is a good way, and very easy way, for a newcomer to learn about SA indicator construction.


A data mine with auto fib levels will soon be released :slight_smile:

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