ListSelection Node Floating Object

One thing I feel like SuperAlgos is missing is a listSelection option therefore I was going to work on implementing this, looking for thoughts.

Example implementations:

  • At the moment we have only an option to ‘Add Missing Children’. The trouble is when adding a Exchange or User Profile this list can potentially consist of 100’s of items. Therefore you add all 100 nodes and have to delete the incorrect nodes. Therefore a list selector would display all items and allow you to select from the list to add the singular appropriate child node.

  • At the moment creating references is a task of scrolling across the DesignSpace in map view with right-click held down (or pinning). I think a better option would be having a icon in the left menu of the uiObject where when clicked displays a list of nodes matching the referenceable nodes, then when selected from the listSelection the reference is created.

I had a quick look at this, but will create this topic in case I need assistance implementing.

Have submitted the first revision of this under the following PR:

I’ll now work on using it to allow us to establish references.

Please let me know any other nodes where it would be beneficial.


Saw the video very interesting and looking forward to try out !

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Another area of the system that could benefit from this would be adding missing projects as well as adding chart layers.

Thanks for the suggestion team, just submitted the PR for the Create Reference functionality.

@harrellbm I’ll look to add these now. Let me know if you see any more. I’m also going to add it to Plugins > Data Mining, Plugin Project > Plugin Data Mines

Added to Plugin Data Mines.

TODO: Clean up multiple “Add Bot Instance” options under Task to ListSelector.

This might take more doing than the other list selector options, but it might be nice to have a list selector to be able to choose which indicators from a mine will be installed/added