Important Governance Resources

Here is a list of important resources that have been published covering key concepts surrounding the governance system:

General discussion of Governance Procedure

  • Covers how to write a POW report and governance distribution schedule.

Why we Reward only Value Added

  • Covers the philosophy of only rewarding completed work.

What is and is not a Contribution that adds Value

  • Covers the underlying logic behind what counts as a valuable contribution.

To Reap Reward Sow Trust

  • Covers the importance of trust within the Superalgos collaboration.

Philosophy of Education Project

  • Covers the underlying philosophy behind the education project cluster of teams.

Following 2 videos of the serie ā€˜Superalgos Governanceā€™ explained by the lead developer and co-founder Luis F. Molina:

  1. Governance Program - YouTube

  2. Specifically of day 2 of the distribution schedule: weight votes
    Weight Votes - YouTube

I hope is helps clarifying !