How to resolve a Conflicting translation

Here is a basic walk through of how to solve a merge conflict on Github:

How to resolve Merge Conflict on Github

For the purposes of translators you may run into situations where you are translating a file that has recently be translated by someone else resulting in what is called a merge conflict.

What this means is there are two versions of the same file and git is not quite sure how to bring in the new changes you added without erasing something else already in the file you added to.

Solving these conflicts with translations is quite straight forward:

First navigate to the main Superalgos repository.

Then click on the pull request tab and find your open pull request.

Next open the editor on github to resolve the conflict (if you need help finding this you can refer to the article linked above)

Then you will see the conflict listed like this. The top changes are what you have added and the bottom is what is conflicting with your changes. Another helpful trick is to use the previous and next buttons to navigate to conflicts in the case there are multiple conflicts in a file.

To resolve a conflict between two translations start by replacing the line of equal signs with new brackets like this:
replace brackets

This will tell the system that these are two separate translations and are not conflicting.

Then remove the conflict markers like this:
delete markers

Next mark the conflict as resolve by clicking this button on the top of the editor:
mark as resolved

Finally commit your merge fixes using this button:

Note: this last step is very important otherwise none of your changes will be saved!


Thank you. it’s a great way, and you’re a great mentor too.

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