How to Backup translated files correctly

This tutorial is intended for translators and does not describe how to backup superalgos instances/nodes/strategies/folders or similar!

It is not uncommon to have problems with your pull request after diligently translating, and depending on how big the problem is, the most sensible short-term solution is to back up the translated files. After fixing the underlying problem you can then paste the files and make a new pull request. But what is the best way to do the backup? There are at least two ways. The first one is done locally on your computer where you can break something if you are not careful, but where the backup is as safe as your computer. The second solution happens in github and is fast, but then you download files from the internet(even though it is github). As long as your browser/computer is secure, this should not be a security risk either. All at your own risk!

Step 1:

The first steps are the same for both methods. Go to and then to your pull request. Now click in the bar where you see on the right how many lines you are deleting and how many you are adding on: “Files changed” . Now you should see the files you have translated and added.

Step 2 Method 1:

The most obvious method takes place inside your pc. You check which files are correct in the pull request and which ones you want to save. Next to the file path including the filename which is always at the right end of the file path and has the extension .json you will find a small button with which you can copy the file path which can be helpful but is not mandatory. Now go to your file manager on your computer and find your Superalgos installation (if you have more than one, find the one you created the pull request from). The folder is named: “Superalgos”. Now you just have to follow the file path. Here is an example path where I demonstrate it.

You go into the Superalgos folder and look for the name on the left side of the file path. In this case Projects. When you are in this folder you go one name further to the right at the file path and look for the folder: Foundations and so on. At some point you will have clicked from left to right to the second to last name (usually the last folder). This is where the final file should be in. You can easily check this by looking which name is on the far right of the file path and has the extension .json. Compare this name with the one in the folder you navigated to.
The last step is very simple. Click with the right mouse button (depending on your operating system) on the file and then on copy (or ctrl+c). Create a folder somewhere ** BUT NOT IN THE SUPERALGOS FOLDER ** where you put the files you want to backup. Do this for each file you want to backup.
Congratulations you have now backed up the files.

Step 2 Method 2:

In the Files changed overview go to the file you want to backup. Click at the file in the bar where the path is shown. Now click on the three dots and then click on: “View file”. Now a new overview should open. Now click on Raw in the bar where you see the number of lines. A new page will open. Now you just have to press ctrl+s and a download window should pop up. Now you just have to click on save in the download window and choose a location where you want to download the file into. But before you click on save/download check if the file extension is: .json. If it is .html, you are downloading a view of a webpage, which is not what you want. In this case check again if you have done all the previous steps. Also here it is important not to put the folder where you want to save the files into inside the Superalgos folder.

All at your own risk