Configuring Rose in Superalgos Telegram Groups

This is a quick guide to set up Rose to manage new or existing Telegram Groups.

For further reference, check Guide - Miss Rose

  1. Add @MissRose_bot to the group as a memember. Take care not to add fake or impersonator bots. The user ID must be exact.

  2. Make @MissRose_bot and admin in the group, with default permissions, and set her title to “Star Hostess”.

  3. In the group, type the command:


… to get the ID of the group. Copy the ID, including the - sign.

  1. Open a Telegram chat with @MissRose_bot (search for the user, and enter).

  2. Now you will run a series of commands, one by one, in this order. Run a command, wait for Rose’s response, and only then run the next command. When I say groupID, I mean the actual ID of the group you got in step 3, including the - sign. Some of the commands may have a note or comment between () below the actual command.

/connect groupID
(i.e. /connect -1001128769201)

/goodbye off

/cleanservice off

/log settings admin reports other

/lock contact forwardbot location poll game document button bot rtl url
(If you wish to allow users to type URLs, remove the url bit at the end of the command – carefull with scammers/spammers as links are their main attack vector)

(If you do keep the lock on URLs, then you may setup a whitelist to allow specific domains)

/joinfed 309ac3f7-d3a0-441e-bea7-5b793e5347a1
(To run this command, you need to be the owner of the group. If you’re not, ask the owner to run it after you’ve run all the rest.)

/cleanwelcome on

  1. The last command is the one that sets the Welcome message Rose delivers to every newcomer. Copy the whole text or write your own:

/setwelcome Hi {first}, welcome to the {chatname} Group! Please read the pinned message before posting!

⚠️ BEWARE OF SCAMS! Team members will never PM you first! Impersonators may contact you in private offering paid bots: it's a scam! Superalgos is 100% free and there are no paid services at this point. Block scammers and report them to Telegram.

  1. There’s an additional step that needs to be done by me, Julian, to set up a log of Rose’s actions in a particular channel. Let me know when you’re done with the basic setup and I will take care of it.