Beginners Guide - the missing tutorial

Hi, anyone care to join me in creating a guide for noobs. I’ve spent weeks going through the included tutorials - and they’ve taught me a lot about specific corners/layers/aspects of this software. But there is so much basic info just missing. i can not create a new simple workspace/strategy. i can not edit, and make work, any existing strategy. its so frustrating. And the only current resource is the online chat in Telegram - great for those online here and now, not great for those of us who want to plod through a manual… So im thinking a discussion here, on how to build a simple strategy, starting with a skeleton (or less) workspace, would be a great resource for ALL newcomers…

Great Idea! Any educational material for newcomers is very much welcomed.

I’d be more than happy to help get this going. I’d also see if we can get some others from the telegram groups to join in here as well.

It’d be awesome to have an in-app tutorial that walks you through adding all the basic components in a workspace, to the point in which you can build a simple strategy and have it at least backtested.

I’d suggest you study all existing in-app tutorials so as not to replicate information that may already be available.

Basic steps would be:

  1. Start with the Blank-Template workspace.
  2. Add a data mine.
  3. Create a blank Trading System.
  4. Install a market so as to create charts and trading tasks.
  5. Build a simple strategy.

Thank you very much. This week i will make some attempts to create working automation from scratch…

  1. install all software, get it up and running
  2. skim through tutorials, press lots of buttons, get a feel for software
  3. open Foundations->BlankTemplate
  4. ??? (looks like another 20 hours of reading tutorials…)